March 16 – 20 Update

Hi Families,
I’ve started, stopped and edited this email many times. There is no way to explain how much it breaks my heart to be away from the students for such a long period of time. While the 2nd grade team has prepared many options for at home learning, it does not compare to the face to face interactions that I look forward to each day.
At the bottom of this post you will find an AT HOME LEARNING CHOICE BOARD for your child to use each day.  Our goal would be for your child to spend time learning every day and choose an activity from each column to complete.
Creating a daily routine will be important to promote positive health and learning. Part of my routine will be uploading a video of myself reading aloud a picture book to the students each day/night. This is a great way for the students to feel connected!
During this time of uncertainty, feel free to email me and share what is happening in the kiddos lives. I am only an email or DOJO message away for any support you may need.
Look for the first read aloud posted on DOJO tonight! 🙂

Happy August everyone! I am officially back from vacation and am switching gears to all things school related. I am so excited to start preparing the classroom for an incredible group of upcoming 2nd graders! I am looking forward to meeting you and your child(ren) in a just a couple of weeks! Please reach out with any questions or comments that may arise between now and then.

Also, if you have not yet filled out the “student survey”, please do ASAP.  The information you provide is very helpful to me when preparing for the year ahead. CLICK THIS LINK to be directed to the survey.

Welcome 2019-2020 Parents!

Hello everyone! As the new year school approaches, please be sure to subscribe to this blog and check back in mid-July for more information about our exciting school year ahead! Until then, feel free to explore the blog and have a wonderful summer!

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